ANPR Back Office


CatchKen Back Office is a sophisticated tool in wich CatchSystems has integrated years of knowledge and experience in the area of automatic number plate recognition. CatchKen Back Office serves as a central location for collecting, storing, and analysing vehicle license plate information, in full compliance with all relevant legal rules and regulations.

CatchKen Back Office can collect license plate information from a great many different cameras, including proprietary CatchSystems cameras such as CatchKen On Wheels cameras as well as information from an unlimited number of other intelligent cameras located throughout the country. These cameras can be security cameras or cameras located alongside the public road network. A unique functionality built into CatchKen Back Office is the ability to again scan the incoming license plate images in order to provide good results even from cameras of lesser quality. This can be done for a great many cameras simultaneously. Depending upon the specific configuration, it’s also possible to make the input for CatchKen Back Office available to other connected CatchKen systems. Each CatchKen system is actually able to work independently or as part of a larger system, whereby each system can function as a client or as a server. In practice, this means that it is very easy to work in a network-based fashion if the data is collected at a central location. If desired, the collected data can also be transferred to an external system such as the Northgate BOF.

All connected cameras are linked to CatchKen Back Office via an IP link, making it possible to monitor the correct operation of all cameras from the central location. Depending upon the Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place, CatchSystems can forward this information or take appropriate action immediately, thereby optimizing the reliability of the ANPR network.

Within a police environment, it’s possible to make use of reference data files to analyse license plate data. Alternatively, external servers can be used to compare and analyse license plate information with other databases such as the stolen vehicles database. A completely new development is the use of a profiling server to compare license plate readouts on an external database server with profiles, using automated intelligence software, to search for possible connections and conclusions in relation to previous license plate readouts. An example of such an application is the Secure Lane.

CatchKen Back Office was developed completely in-house by CatchSystems, thereby guaranteeing optimum flexibility in the use of the system.