Flexible ANPR systems


20171207-848.jpgThe use of ANPR systems by the police has been common since the 90s, especially for carrying out checks along motorways and for supporting periodic checks that are carried out on the roads. This system, where CatchKen is built into a patrol car or in a mobile case, is equipped with a robust camera that is placed on a tripod beside the road. The flexible CatchKen case is increasingly used to carry out supplementary checks on passing vehicles, so that in particular stolen vehicles can be traced or unpaid fines can be collected. 

Another type of CatchKen system is CKOW (CatchKen on Wheels) whereby a dashboard camera is used that is able to read license plates for processing from behind the windscreen using CKOW. This unique concept ensures that the ANPR system can be used as plug and play system by any user without prior training.

If wanted, both systems can be connected with a Back Office System whereby the registered license plate numbers can be sent to the Back Office. Also, reference lists (HIT lists) can be loaded into the mobile systems from the Back Office. The latter ensures the systems are always up to date. For this reason, the use of fragile USB-sticks can be avoided.