ANPR Analysis

CatchSystems has many years of experience in developing various ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems and has used its experience and expertise to develop the unique CatchKen Analysis software package for the ANPR analysis of photo and video files. CatchKen Analysis uses innovative and sophisticated techniques to analyse photographic and video images and collect all relevant number plate information. The analysis is fully automated so that no valuable man-hours need to be devoted to noting down this information in the course of an investigation.

An example of the above is the analysis of images recorded by a security camera during a holdup or robbery. If a vehicle was captured by the camera, even for only a fraction of a second, CatchKen Analysis will often be able to read out the license plate.
CatchKen Analysis can also be used to analyse images recorded by mobile telephones during a criminal activity or other incident. Within a police setting, it’s possible to make use of reference data files when analysing license plate data to quickly determine whether a vehicle with a relevant license plate has been identified in the video images.

CatchKen Analysis is compatible with a great many different photo and video formats due to the use of standard codecs that are processed via the DirectShow filter. The system can also analyse analogue video signals, is very user-friendly, and no detailed technical information or instruction is required. Accordingly, incidental users of the system can also start working with the system immediately.

CatchKen Analysis is part of the CatchKen suite and was developed completely in-house by CatchSystems, thereby guaranteeing optimum flexibility in the use of the system.