ANPR Back Office

CatchKen Back Office is a sophisticated tool for security applications. CatchSystems has integrated its cutting-edge knowledge and experience in the area of license plate recognition in CatchKen Back Office, making it a central tool for collecting, storing, and analysing license plate information from a wide range of sources.

CatchKen Back Office can collect license plate information from a many different cameras, including proprietary CatchSystems cameras such as CatchKen On Wheels cameras or CatchSystems HD cameras as well as an unlimited number of other camera types located anywhere in the country. These cameras can be security cameras or cameras located alongside the public road network. The CatchKen Back Office system can store and process information about an unlimited number of license plates from a great many different cameras regardless of brand or type, as the data is transmitted over the Internet so that the distance to the camera or its position is never an issue.